Diagnostic Sleep Study in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Before you can effectively treat a sleep problem, you must first identify what the sleep problem is and what may be causing it. That is the purpose of a diagnostic sleep study.

What Is Being Diagnosed?

A diagnostic sleep study is a sleep study conducted after an initial consultation with Dr. Senthil Ramasamy, our board-certified sleep specialist, to gather more information about your sleep. During the study, infrared video equipment captures your body movements and vocalizations while electrodes monitor a number of internal functions, such as heart rate, breathing rate, brain waves, electrical impulses in the muscles, etc.

When recorded and analyzed, this information allows a sleep specialist to diagnose a number of sleep problems, such as:

The data may also point to underlying medical conditions that require further investigation.

What Comes after a Diagnostic Sleep Study?

What comes after a diagnostic sleep study depends on the actual diagnosis.

  • In the event that data points to other medical issues, your sleep specialist may refer you to your primary care physician or other specialists, such as a cardiologist or electrophysiologist, for more tests.
  • If your sleep study evaluation points to insomnia, neurological issues or Restless Legs Syndrome, medication and/or supplementation may be prescribed.
  • If your sleep study shows that you have sleep apnea, you will be scheduled for a treatment sleep study to titrate your CPAP or BIPAP to the ideal pressure needed to keep your airways open.

The next steps after any diagnostic sleep study will be discussed with you during your follow-up consultation with Dr. Ramasamy. He will help you understand your sleep problem and all treatment options available. Our practice works with most insurance providers to cover the expense of the diagnostic sleep study and necessary treatment.

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