Insomnia Symptoms

Insomnia is defined as difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for multiple nights per week. While most people are aware of their insomnia, there are diagnostically significant symptoms that people may not realize are connected to their sleep problem.

Nighttime Symptoms

People who experience insomnia as difficulty getting to sleep may be troubled by racing thoughts, anxiety or general restlessness.

People who experience insomnia as difficulty staying asleep may find they wake multiple times each night to go to the bathroom and/or cannot fall back asleep once roused.

If insomnia persists, people may develop anxiety about going to sleep, wondering if they will have trouble sleeping once again.

Daytime Symptoms

Daytime symptoms of insomnia include:

  • Fatigue and/or sleepiness
  • Moodiness and/or irritability
  • Aggression and/or impulsivity
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Diminished performance at work or school
  • Increased clumsiness or accidents (including drowsy driving)

Daytime symptoms may often be masked by the use of stimulants or other mood-altering drugs. For accurate diagnosis and treatment, it is important to let your doctor know about all prescription and OTC medications you are taking.

Insomnia Treatment in Albuquerque

Insomnia is frustrating, but treating it yourself with OTC sleep aids is not good for your long-term health. To get to the heart of the problem, you need to consult a board-certified sleep doctor.

Dr. Senthil Ramasamy is dual-certified in neurology and sleep medicine. He can diagnose your insomnia and determine the cause to find out if lifestyle changes and improved sleep hygiene are all you need for quality sleep, or if another condition, like depression or anxiety, needs to be addressed.

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