Sleep Masks for Sleep Apnea

The gold standard for sleep apnea treatment is continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP. CPAP machines are connected to a mask worn by the sleeper. Neurology & Sleep Medicine in Rio Rancho, NM can help you find the sleep mask that provides the best comfort and most effective treatment delivery.

Sleep Mask Styles

There are a variety of sleep mask styles to fit different sleeping positions, breathing mechanics and wearer preferences. Sleep mask options include:

  • Nasal-only mask
  • Principally to mouth and smaller connections to nose
  • Nasal and mouth mask

Dr. Ramasamy will recommend a sleep mask style based on observations of how you lie and breathe from your sleep study.

Adjusting to Your Sleep Mask

It takes time to adjust to sleeping with a mask on. Simply sleeping with the mask every night can help you adjust within a matter of days. Other accommodations can improve your comfort, such as:

  • Tightening or loosening straps to ensure no gapping without leaving marks
  • Using moisture with your CPAP machine
  • Using a nasal saline spray before wearing the mask
  • Staying hydrated during the day to prevent uncomfortable dryness in your nose and mouth

Proper care of your sleep mask, including cleaning the straps, will help ensure proper fit and function for the recommended usage time (on average three months for the mask).

Sleep Mask Alternatives

If you cannot tolerate a sleep mask, there are other alternatives for sleep apnea treatment, including:

  • Oral appliances
  • Special pillows
  • Sleeping position modification
  • Surgery to remove excess tissues

CPAP is almost always ordered before alterative treatment methods are tried.

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