Disordered Sleep Treatment Options in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

At Neurology & Sleep Medicine, we provide comprehensive care for sleep problems. We accurately diagnose your sleep problem so that we can help you find the most effective treatment.

The Gold Standard for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is, by far, the most common sleep problem, and it is a treatable one. Because sleep apnea involves the collapse of airways, treatment involves keeping them open using continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP.

CPAP is delivered by a sleep mask and machine that regulates air pressure. A variety of mask styles are available to suit individuals’ sleeping positions, nighttime breathing mechanics and preferences. CPAP machines can also be programmed to deliver varying rates of air pressure during inhalation/exhalation and/or different stages of sleep.

Other Treatment Strategies

Many sleep problems are caused by environmental factors—noise, light, abnormal schedules, etc. For many people, improved sleep hygiene, sleep habits and/or lifestyle changes may improve sleep quantity and quality.

Many sleep problems that are caused by underlying medical and/or mental health conditions can be managed with prescription medications (including sleep aids for short-term use).

Find the Right Treatment to Help You Sleep

Proper diagnosis is the first step to finding effective treatment for your sleep problem. Contact Neurology & Sleep Medicine to schedule your initial consultation. We work with most insurance providers and do everything we can to get sleep studies and any recommended treatments covered under your benefit plan.

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Sleep: The Foundation of Your Health—We Can Strengthen It.