Sleep Disorder Treatment

Your health depends on sufficient quality sleep, so sleep disorders must be treated to prevent or reduce associated health risks. Treatment for most sleep disorders is available at Neurology & Sleep Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Behavior-Related Sleep Disorder Treatment

Some sleep disorders are caused by poor sleep hygiene, so treatment involves improving your sleep environment and bedtime habits. We provide a number of tips for improving sleep hygiene, and our sleep specialist can provide even more strategies and explanations during your consultation.

A prescription sleep aid may be recommended for a limited time. However, it is important that you wean off sleep aids as directed and attend all follow-up visits to ensure that at-home treatment is effective.

Treatment for Breathing-Related Sleep Disorders

Sleep disturbances caused by erratic and/or labored breathing are most commonly treated with continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP. Neurology & Sleep Medicine provides CPAP as well as BiPAP and AutoPAP for improved comfort as well as a variety of sleep mask styles to suit various sleep positions and nighttime breathing mechanics. Other sleep apnea devices are also available but are preferred for complimentary (rather than primary) treatment.

Treatment for Neurological Sleep Disorders

Because sleep is a function of the brain, neurological issues, like migraines, epilepsy/seizures, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS, dementia or pain conditions, may cause sleep disturbances. In most cases, neurological issues must be regulated with medication.

While most sleep doctors do not have the expertise to diagnose or treat neurological sleep disorders, Dr. Senthil Ramasamy at Neurology & Sleep Medicine does. Dr. Ramasamy is board-certified in sleep medicine and neurology, so he has the training and clinical experience to diagnose and treat sleep disorders arising from abnormal brain functions.

Patients at Neurology & Sleep Medicine receive a higher level of patient care. Dr. Ramasamy personally evaluates all sleep study results and meets with clients in their follow-up evaluations. Patients are better educated about their condition, their medication and possible side-effects and when to seek follow-up care.

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