Sleep Study Evaluation

Your sleep study provides the data necessary to understand your sleep problems and determine what treatment options are best suited for your sleep disorder or if more tests are required.

What is Evaluated?

A sleep study evaluation involves a review of all the data collected during your sleep study, including:

  • Brain wave activity and eye movement which show when you were actually sleeping and how much time you spent in various stages of sleep
  • Heart rhythms—arrhythmias
  • Breathing rate and related effort—stop (apnea) or difficulty breathing index
  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Muscle tone and body movements, including teeth clenching or grinding
  • Leg movements disturbing sleep
  • Seizure activities

From this data, Dr. Ramasamy can determine if there may be other medical conditions that need to be addressed, such as heart arrhythmias or hypoventilation related to obesity. This data can also point to ideal treatment options, such as CPAP.

Who’s Doing Your Sleep Study Evaluation?

In most sleep labs, the same technicians who performed the sleep study provide the evaluation of it. Unfortunately, that often leaves patients with a lot of questions and no real idea of what needs to happen to improve sleep quantity and/or quality.

That is what makes Neurology & Sleep Medicine in Albuquerque, NM so different. At our practice, your sleep study is evaluated by Dr. Ramasamy, a board certified sleep specialist. He is also the one who meets with you during your follow-up consultation to discuss findings and treatment recommendations.

Next Steps

The next steps after your sleep study evaluation depend on the findings. If the diagnosis is sleep apnea, the treatment is CPAP or Bi-level PAP. In case additional diagnosis or suspicious features are noted, you would be referred to other specialists, such as a psychiatrist for insomnia related to depression or anxiety or a cardiologist for irregular heart rhythms.

Dr. Ramasamy takes the time to make sure you understand the sleep study evaluation and what comes next to improve your sleep quantity, quality and overall health.

At Neurology & Sleep Medicine, your sleep study is the first step towards better sleep and better health. Call us to schedule an initial consultation today.

Sleep: The Foundation of Your Health—We Can Strengthen It.