How to Prepare for Your Sleep Study

To accurately observe, diagnose and treat your sleep problem, data must be collected over six to eight hours of natural sleep. You can contribute to a successful sleep study that helps us find the best way to improve your sleep quantity and quality by following our sleep study preparation instructions.

Sleep Study Preparation Do’s

Neurology & Sleep Medicine allows for flexibility in sleep study schedules to accommodate your normal day. You may arrive any time between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. To allow our technicians to get you settled in and ready to begin your sleep study as quickly as possible, please:

  • Finish your dinner at least one hour before you arrive at Neurology & Sleep Medicine for your scheduled study
  • Take your regular medications as prescribed and bring bedtime medications (e.g. insulin and snacks) with you
  • Shower and dry your hair before you arrive at the center
  • Wear comfortable two-piece sleepwear

You may bring a book or crossword puzzles for entertainment until you feel sleepy. If you are concerned about insomnia during your sleep study, you may take a sleep aid as prescribed or directed by your physician. (You may discuss sleep aids with Dr. Ramasamy during your initial consultation, but please be aware that our technicians do not dispense medications.)

You will be able to use the restroom as needed during your sleep study. Your technician will show you how to disconnect and reconnect wires so that you can move.

Sleep Study Preparation Don’ts

To get natural sleep, there are some things to avoid before your sleep study, including:

  • Daytime naps on the day of your scheduled sleep study
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Caffeine or soda six hours before your scheduled sleep study

To ensure that electrodes can be easily placed and strongly adhere, please do not wear a nightgown (one-piece sleepwear) or use any hair styling products.

Sleep Study Evaluation

Once your sleep study is finished, you may go home. Your sleep study evaluation with Dr. Ramasamy will typically be scheduled three to five business days from the date of your study.

At Neurology & Sleep Medicine, your sleep study is the first step towards better sleep and better health. Call us to schedule an initial consultation today.

Sleep: The Foundation of Your Health—We Can Strengthen It.